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  • Hull, Beverley Road, Stepney (ii) Methodist New Connexion Chapel, Yorkshire

    I’ve added a picture to this page of pieces of pottery, marked “Stepney New Connexio 1900” found not too far away by Gerald Bisby.

    Gerald says, “I was weeding in the garden (South Cave, HU15 2AL) this morning and came across a small fragment of pottery. Some minutes later I found two further pieces related to the first.

    I have attached a photo of the fragments which have the inscription, “Stepney, Methodist New Connexion, 1900″. The fragments fit together to form a circular bowl, possibly a mug.

    Our bungalow was built in about 1990 on agricultural land, so the mug could have been dropped by an agricultural worker.”

    Stepney off Beverley Road in Hull is the nearest Stepney I can find to South Cave and there was certainly a Methodist New Connexion chapel – in fact two, one after the other. The 1849 Zion chapel, forerunner to the chapel that would have existed in 1900, still stands. Coincidentally, it is on the corner of Cave Street.

    By Christopher HILL (09/09/2021)
  • Websites about chapels

    For even more churches it is worth looking at
    Modern Britain: introduction to the churches of the British Isles

    Another project aiming to provide a definitive list of Methodist chapels in Cornwall is “Mapping Methodism”

    It is also well worth browsing on Wikipedia. For a number of local government areas the Wikipedia entry contains a List of places of worship, and in some cases Former places of worship. The information may be basic, but there are always pictures of the buildings.

    By Philip Thornborow (02/09/2021)
  • Bugle Bible Christian Church and Sunday School

    Fore Street,Bugle

    1881 maps show a Bible Christian Chapel at this site with the Sunday School appearing next door on the 1907 map,. The chapel was built in 1854 with the Sunday school being built in 1896 according to the historic Cornwall report (although there is date variation). There is a suggestion that the chapel itself was rebuilt.

    The Chapel is still active as Bugle Methodist Church on the St Austell Circuit.

    An old interior shot can be seen here:

    By Jo Lewis (25/08/2021)
  • Whitstone Bible Christian chapel

    This building, at Boot, was apparently replaced by the current chapel in Whitstone in 1863, as the village website tells us

    There is also a picture.

    By Philip Thornborow (24/08/2021)