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  • Bath Twerton Zion United Methodist Chapel

    I recall playing the organ in this chapel It was positioned on a gallery behind the pulpit, roughly on a level with the main Bristol to London main railway line which was on an embankment at that point. You felt it when a train went by.

    Rumour has it that activities within a service were co-ordinated with the train timetable … …

    By Christopher HILL (29/11/2023)
  • Glascote United Methodist Free Church

    In the short term I’ve duplicated this page on both the Staffordshire and Warwickshire pages. Our policy is to include pages in the county they were part of at the time of Methodist Union in 1932, the end of Primitive Methodism as a separate connexion, which would place Glascote in Warwickshire. That’s where it will end up.

    By Christopher HILL (27/11/2023)
  • Glascote United Methodist Free Church

    Might it possibly also be worth providing a link to this page within the Warwickshire section, as Glascote was in Warwickshire up until 1965.

    By Mark Hambly (26/11/2023)
  • Leicester St Paul’s Methodist New Connexion Chapel 1891

    St Paul’s Methodist Church closed in August 1943. At that time the St Paul’s U M Circuit was disbanded. Harrison Road and Birstall joined the Leicester (Claremont Street) Circuit and Oadby was transferred to the Leicester (Clarendon Park) Circuit.

    By Howard Smith (24/11/2023)