Portraits of some female Bible Christian ministers

Some of the very few portraits known to exist.

Mary Thorne
Mrs Lois Thorne nee Malpas
Miss A G Carkeek

The three portraits are of

  • Mary Thorne (1807-83), nee O’Bryan, who married Samuel Thorne, the Connexion’s printer, on 2 November 1825; her gravestone describes her as “a minister sixty years;” her son Samuel Ley Thorne was a Bible Christian minster and her grandson Samuel Thomas Thorne was a BC missionary in China;
  • Lois Thorne (1858-25 November 1904), nee Malpas, a Wesleyan who went to China with the China Inland Mission; married Samuel Thomas Thorne 24 April 1888; widowed in September 1891; returned to China as a fully recognised Bible Christian missionary in 1894;
  • Annie Carkeek (1871-12 December 1932), a Wesleyan who was accepted as a BC itinerant in 1894, but stepped down to become an Evangelist with the Bible Christians in 1895; she returned to the Wesleyans in Hayle Circuit in 1901 as a Local Preacher.

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  • You have omitted the fact that Mary Thorne was a child of William Bryant (the co-founder), she was known on the circuit as the ‘the maiden preacher’, plus one of her offspring Serena became even more famous in Australia as an early ‘feminist’ leader (womens suffrage pre-dated British suffrage by thirty years) and great preacher (she married Octavius Lake, another well-known S. Australian preacher)

    By Paul Massey (23/07/2018)

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