A few more Bible Christian Ladies

This is a continuation of my work ‘The Bible Christian Lady Preachers’

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  • None of the Methodist branches were ArmEnian – they had nothing to do with Armenia. The were doctrinally ArmInians – with an I – which describes the historic Methodist salvation emphasis that All may be saved. It stands in distinction to a Calvinist doctrine that limits salvation to those preordained for salvation.
    I have made this point before – and it needs to be corrected !

    By Rev Colin C Short (21/01/2024)
  • Since researching Mary Ann Clifton Symons, I have found her in North Devon in 1841. She was listed as Simmons. She appears to have remained loyal to O’Bryan in 1829. I’ve also found one of her children’s Armenian baptisms. Daughter Mary Elizabeth Symons was baptized by Armenian minister William Rodd in 1834. William Rod’s Armenian baptisms were transcribed into the Shebbear B.C. register a couple of years after unification. In 1851 Mary Ann and her family were in Monmouthshire, not far from where Mary Ann Werry was at the time. Mary Ann Clifton died at Newport Wales in 1853.

    By Bob Booker (14/02/2020)

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