Bible Christian and United Methodist Free Church places of worship registered by 1867

Bible Christian chapels in Devon registered by 1867
This work incorporates historical material provided by the Great Britain Historical GIS Project and the University of Portsmouth through their web site A Vision of Britain through Time (
United Methodist Free Churches in Devon registered by 1867
This work incorporates historical material provided by the Great Britain Historical GIS Project and the University of Portsmouth through their web site A Vision of Britain through Time (

This is a list of chapels that had been registered by 1867, derived from ‘A list of places of meeting for public religious worship, certified to the Registrar General’.   Remember that registration was not compulsory, Methodist sources suggest that there may have been a further 30 Bible Christian chapels open by this date.  As registration was valid until cancelled, however, there may be duplication: i.e.  both the old and new chapels in a place may be listed. We have also discovered that the official location may not be the same as the name by which the chapel is commonly described. The Registrar General tended to emphasise the parish, for example.

North Devon was the birthplace of the Bible Christian Connexion, and an area of continuing strength, as can be seen from the map. The denominations which became the United Methodist Free Churches originated elsewhere, and their places of worship seem to be along the railway lines of South Devon.

Unless otherwise stated each of these places of worship is described as a chapel.

The numbers on the list relate to places, and match those on the map. The base map is provided under this licence

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ChapelNotesDenominationRegistration District
Allemare, Bradford, Rehoboth1Bible ChristianHolsworthy
Alworthy[Atworthy?]2Bible ChristianHolsworthy
Ashwater, Buckhorn3Bible ChristianHolsworthy
Aveton Gifford4Bible ChristianKingsbridge
Bannawell, Tavistock[Tavistock, Bannawell St]5Bible ChristianTavistock
Barnstaple, Reform Street6Bible ChristianBarnstaple
BeafordA building7Bible ChristianTorrington
Bedford Village, Zion[Beaford]Bible ChristianTorrington
Beeralstone, Beerferris, Ebenezer9Bible ChristianTavistock
Bethel, Annery Cottage, Monkleigh10Bible ChristianBideford
Bideford, Zion, Silver Street11Bible ChristianBideford
Black Torrington, Hope12Bible ChristianHolsworthy
Bodsley, Bratton Clovelly, Salem[Boasley]13Bible ChristianOkehampton
Bradworthy14Bible ChristianHolsworthy
Bratton Clovelly, Gilgall15Bible ChristianOkehampton
Bratton Fleming16Bible ChristianBarnstaple
Brentor, North Brentor17Bible ChristianTavistock
Bridgerule East, Siloam18Bible ChristianHolsworthy
Bridgetown, Werrington19Bible ChristianLaunceston
Buckland Brewer20Bible ChristianBideford
Bundleigh Bridge[Bondleigh]21Bible ChristianOkehampton
Burrington, Bethesda22Bible ChristianSouth Molton
Chagford, Zion23Bible ChristianOkehampton
Charles Bottom24Bible ChristianSouth Molton
Chawleigh, Hope25Bible ChristianCrediton
Chawleigh, SalemBible ChristianCrediton
Cheriton Fitzpaine26Bible ChristianCrediton
Chillington, Stokenham, Ebenezer27Bible ChristianKingsbridge
Chulmleigh, Bethlehem28Bible ChristianSouth Molton
Churchill, Ebenezer (Chardstock)29Bible ChristianAxminster
Clawton, Bethesda30Bible ChristianHolsworthy
Cockbury, Providence[Cookbury]Bible ChristianHolsworthy
Cookbury32Bible ChristianHolsworthy
Copplestone, Crediton, Ebenezer33Bible ChristianCrediton
Crediton, High Street34Bible ChristianCrediton
Cruft, Okehampton35Bible ChristianOkehampton
Dolton, Langham Cross36Bible ChristianTorrington
Dunsford, Hay’s Cottageoccupied by Mr. George Cox37Bible ChristianSt. Thomas
Dyke, Clovelly38Bible ChristianBideford
East Worlington39Bible ChristianSouth Molton
Edistone, Hartland40Bible ChristianBideford
Eworthy, Germansweek, Zion41Bible ChristianOkehampton
ExbourneA building in the occ. of H. Higman42Bible ChristianOkehampton
Exeter, Northernhay Street, Providence43Bible ChristianExeter
Frithestock Stone, Bethesda44Bible ChristianTorrington
Georgenympton, Providence45Bible ChristianSouth Molton
Goldworthy, Parkham46Bible ChristianBideford
Gunnislake, Fore Street47Bible ChristianTavistock
Halberton48Bible ChristianTiverton
Hallsends, StokenhamA building or chapel in the occupation of James Hinks49Bible ChristianKingsbridge
Hartland TownA building in the occ. Of Thomas Trick50Bible ChristianBideford
Hatherleigh, Bridge Street51Bible ChristianOkehampton
Haytown, Bethel, Bulkworthy52Bible ChristianBideford
Highampton, Bethesda53Bible ChristianOkehampton
Highford, Providence54Bible ChristianBideford
Hiscott55Bible ChristianBarnstaple
Hittisleigh Mill56Bible ChristianCrediton
Holsworthy57Bible ChristianHolsworthy
Holsworthy, Simpson Moore Chapel[Anvil Corner]31Bible ChristianHolsworthy
Horrabridge58Bible ChristianTavistock
Hummacott, Fremington, Hope59Bible ChristianBarnstaple
Iddesleigh, East Park60Bible ChristianOkehampton
Kings Nympton, Bethel61Bible ChristianSouth Molton
Kings Nympton, BethelBible ChristianSouth Molton
Knapcrook, PetrockstowDwelling house occupied by Louis Lee Clifford62Bible ChristianTorrington
Landkey, Newland, Beulah63Bible ChristianBarnstaple
Langridgford, Atherington64Bible ChristianBarnstaple
Langtree Village, Zion65Bible ChristianTorrington
Lapford, Gilgal66Bible ChristianCrediton
Lea, Milton Abbott67Bible ChristianTavistock
Lidford68Bible ChristianTavistock
Little Silver, Cadeleigh69Bible ChristianTiverton
LurleyBuilding occupied by Thomas Poole70Bible ChristianTiverton
Madworthy, Beaworthy71Bible ChristianOkehampton
Maxworthy, Northpetherwin, Salem72Bible ChristianLaunceston
MertonA building73Bible ChristianTorrington
Mesham, Prospect[Meshaw]74Bible ChristianSouth Molton
Middle Marwood, Unity75Bible ChristianBarnstaple
Millhill76Bible ChristianTavistock
Milton77Bible ChristianHolsworthy
Milton Abbott78Bible ChristianTavistock
Milton, Gitcot Cross79Bible ChristianHolsworthy
Morchard Bishop, Emmanuel80Bible ChristianCrediton
North Tawton, Bethel81Bible ChristianOkehampton
Northam, Bethesda, West Appledore82Bible ChristianBideford
Northlake Farm, Lapford, Siloam83Bible ChristianCrediton
Northlew, Hebron84Bible ChristianOkehampton
OakfordA building in the occ. Of Mr Thomas Hocking85Bible ChristianTiverton
PetrockstowA building86Bible ChristianTorrington
Plymouth, Zion Street, Zion87Bible ChristianPlymouth
Prawle, Bethel88Bible ChristianKingsbridge
Presticot, Ashwater, Gilgal89Bible ChristianHolsworthy
Pyworthy, Derrill90Bible ChristianHolsworthy
Rackenford Church Village, Ebenezer91Bible ChristianSouth Molton
Ringsash, Zion92Bible ChristianTorrington
Roborough, Ebberley Lodge93Bible ChristianTorrington
Salem, Thorn Hill Road94Bible ChristianBideford
Sampford CourtneyA building in the occ. of H. Higman95Bible ChristianOkehampton
Shebbear, Ebenezer96Bible ChristianTorrington
Shebbear, RowdenBible ChristianTorrington
South Molton, Back Lane97Bible ChristianSouth Molton
South Molton, EbenezerBible ChristianSouth Molton
South Zeal Academy98Bible ChristianOkehampton
South Zeal, EbenezerBible ChristianOkehampton
SpeytonA building in the occ. of Mr. H. Duloe99Bible ChristianOkehampton
Spurway MillBuilding100Bible ChristianTiverton
St Mary Church, Mary Church Street, The Manor Hall[Torquay]101Bible ChristianNewton Abbot
Stable Green, Winkleigh, Penniel102Bible ChristianTorrington
Staunton, LoddiswellA building or chapel in the occupation of James Hinks103Bible ChristianKingsbridge
Stokeinteignhead104Bible ChristianNewton Abbot
Stowford, Port Gate, Zion105Bible ChristianTavistock
Suddon Cross, Langtree, Siloam106Bible ChristianTorrington
Sutcombe Mill107Bible ChristianHolsworthy
Sydenham Damerell108Bible ChristianTavistock
Tamerton, Salem109Bible ChristianHolsworthy
Templeton Bridge110Bible ChristianTiverton
Tetcott, Zion111Bible ChristianHolsworthy
Thornhill Head, Salem, Buckland Brewer112Bible ChristianBideford
Throwleigh, Providence Place113Bible ChristianOkehampton
Tiverton, Ham Place, Providence114Bible ChristianTiverton
Tor, Mason’s Row, Zion115Bible ChristianNewton Abbot
Twitching, Buckland Brewer116Bible ChristianBideford
Twitching, Buckland BrewerBible ChristianBideford
Waytown, Inwardleigh, Bethany117Bible ChristianOkehampton
West Putford, Providence118Bible ChristianBideford
Wheaddon, Northlew, Providence119Bible ChristianOkehampton
Whitchurch, Unity120Bible ChristianTavistock
Whitford, Mount Tabor121Bible ChristianAxminster
Winkleigh, Siloam122Bible ChristianTorrington
Witherbridge Church Village123Bible ChristianSouth Molton
Witherbridge Church Village , HopeBible ChristianSouth Molton
Witheridge, Providence124Bible ChristianSouth Molton
Zoar, Marytavy125Bible ChristianTavistock
Beeralstone, Beerferris, John Street126Wesleyan Methodist AssociationTavistock
Colebrook, Plympton St. MaryA building127Methodist Free ChurchesPlympton St. Mary
Copthorne, North Petherwin128United Methodist Free ChurchesLaunceston
Exeter, Northernhay Chapel129United Methodist Free ChurchesExeter
Newton Abbot, Courtenay Street130Wesleyan ReformNewton Abbot
Plymouth, Ebrington Street, Hope131United Methodist Free ChurchesPlymouth
Silverton, Parsonage Lane132Wesleyan Free ChurchesTiverton
Taphouse133United Methodist Free ChurchesSt. Thomas
Tavistock, Russell Street134Wesleyan Methodist AssociationTavistock
Tilleslow Cross, Virginstow135United Methodist Free ChurchesLaunceston
Torquay, Temperance Street136Methodist Free ChurchesNewton Abbot

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