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  • Sneinton, Boulevard United Methodist chapel, Nottinghamshire

    For more information see the page for Sneinton United Methodist Free Church, Nottingham

    By Philip Thornborow (17/01/2022)
  • Newcastle upon Tyne; Snow Street Methodist New Connexion

    Was this building also known as Eldon Mission?

    By James Nairn (09/01/2022)
  • Nottingham, Parliament Street Methodist New Connexion church

    Nottingham, Parliament Street Methodist New Connexion Chapel, Nottinghamshire
    By 1901 £10000 had been spent on the original construction and the subsequent enlargement of the chapel and school. A further £600. had been spent on purchasing an organ. The chapel seated 950 and the school 400
    In 1923 the chapel, the school underneath, and a house adjoining reported to have been built and controlled by a private trust which was not obliged to provide a return. In 1940 the chapel estate consisted of a chapel seating 630 in pews, a school hall and six other rooms
    Methodist New Connexion: Returns of Trust Estates as presented in Special Schedules, January 1901 Nottingham District, Nottingham Parliament Street Circuit
    Nottinghamshire Record Office MR3/49 Special trust schedules and related papers c 1923-4, Nottingham Parliament Street Circuit
    John Rylands Library University of Manchester, DDPD1 Methodist Church Buildings: Statistical returns including seating accommodation as at July 1st 1940/920 Nottingham, East Circuit

    By G W Oxley (03/01/2022)
  • Hyson Green Methodist Free Church, Nottingham

    Hyson Green United Methodist chapel which had a school underneath was built in 1895. The building costs were unknown in 1924 but the organ had cost about £250 and the building was insured for £3000.
    Nottinghamshire Record Office MR3/48 Special trust schedules and related papers c 1923-4

    By G W Oxley (03/01/2022)