Lightmoor Salem Methodist New Connexion chapel

Lightmoor Road TF4 3QN

Lightmoor Salem Methodist New Connexion chapel

Lightmoor Methodist New Connexion chapel was opened in 1865 although there had been a Methodist society there since 1849

The chapel was renovated in 1888 and again in 1896,. The chapel closed around 1938 and was still standing in 1967, but was demolished by 1972.

Where was this chapel? I cannot find it on old Ordnance Survey maps.

You can read more about the chapel and see a picture on Janice Cox’s Shropshire’s Non-Conformist chapels website here. You can also learn why it was called  “Fat Bacon”

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  • Thanks for confirming where the chapel was Roy. I have added a map to the page to show it. The 1901 Ordnance Survey map shows the chapel away from the village in an area scarred by industry – near the Shutfield and Lightmoor Brick and Tile Works, several disused collieries/coal shafts and a tramway looping around the chapel.

    By Christopher HILL (13/03/2022)
  • The chapel was at grid reference SJ 6805 0537 which is where ‘Sheds Now’ are sited at the bottom of Lightmoor Road before it joins the A4169 bypass.
    Before it was demolished it’s last life was as a small builders merchant and my mother worked there for a short time.
    In 1936 on the 4th Sunday in June there is a record of my mother’s father Charlie Thomas being the Conductor at the service.

    By Roy Griffiths (12/03/2022)
    On Monday, August 15th, the foundation-stone of a new chapel was laid at Lightmoor, in this circuit. The weather was splendid, and a large company assembled to witness the interesting ceremony … the stone was laid by our respected friend, Mr. Edwin Clayton … Addresses were then delivered by the Rev. L. Saxton, and Messrs. Evans, Barker, and Powis, and a collection was made in behalf of the building fund. A numerously attended tea-meeting was also held, in connexion with the occasion, in a tent erected for the purpose. The friends at Lightmoor have long wanted a chapel … ”
    WELLINGTON JOURNAL, Saturday 15 April 1865, page 3.
    CHAPEL OPENING. On Sunday last the chapel recently erected at the above place by the Methodist New Connexion was opened for Divine Worship. T. George, Esq., of Tipton, preached morning and evening, and the Rev. L Saxton, of Dawley, in the afternoon. The congregations were very good, and the collections amounted to £12 1s. 6d. The singing was excellent, and gave additional interest to the services. The chapel, though comparatively small, is a neat structure.”

    By Janice Cox (06/02/2021)

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