Brandlee Methodist New Connexion chapel

Station Road, Dawley TF1 5AQ

Brandlee Methodist New Connexion chapel

Brandlee Methodist New Connexion chapel in Dawley Green was built in 1822 following a religious revival in the area. The chapel was known at different times as  “Beulah” and “Mount Horeb”.

The chapel had closed with Methodist union in 1932 and was demolished in 1937. Its dedication stone “Revivalist Chapel 1822” was inserted into the wall of the semi-detached houses built on the site.

You can read more about the chapel and see a picture on Janice Cox’s  Shropshire’s Non-Conformist Chapels website here.

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  • SHREWSBURY CHRONICLE, 20 January 1837, page 3.
    “On the 9th inst. a Tea Party was held in the Methodist New Connexion Chapel, Dawley Green, at which 130? [first digit unclear] of the members, seat-holders and friends of that community, sat down together. The room was very tastefully ornamented with evergreens. During the evening several favourite Anthems, and pieces taken from the works of Handel, &c. were sung by an excellent choir of singers. The meeting was addressed by Mr. Woodroff, Mr. Heaford, Mr. Prosser, and Mr. Ridley, the resident minister. The proceeds were devoted towards defraying the expenses incurred by alterations in the Chapel.”
    WELLINGTON JOURNAL, 8 August 1857, page 3
    The Methodist New Connexion have now commenced special services in connection with Brandlee Chapel, to be continued for four weeks. On Sunday last, out-door worship was held, morning and afternoon, when Messrs T. Rickers, R. Rickers, Powis, Becan, Bickerton, Morgan and Nock addressed the meeting. In the evening, the Rev. G. Wood preached an instructive sermon, selecting for his text – “Pray without ceasing.”
    WELLINGTON JOURNAL, Saturday 21 November 1903, page 11.
    “RE-OPENING SERVICES. The Brandlee Methodist New Connexion Chapel having undergone a thorough renovation, efforts were made on Sunday and Monday to reduce the debt thereby accruing. The Rev. M. J. Birks was the special preacher, and the three discourses which he delivered were highly appreciated. At the various services the choir rendered an anthem. On Monday, under the chairmanship of Mr. A. Rhodes, an organ recital was given by Mr. Theo. Trevor of Madeley, and several vocal and instrumental items were rendered … A vote of thanks was accorded the performers.”

    By Janice Cox (15/03/2021)

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