United Methodist places of worship registered before 1867

Cornwall: Bible Christian chapels registered by 1867
This work incorporates historical material provided by the Great Britain Historical GIS Project and the University of Portsmouth through their web site A Vision of Britain through Time (
Cornwall: United Methodist Free Churches registered by 1867
This work incorporates historical material provided by the Great Britain Historical GIS Project and the University of Portsmouth through their web site A Vision of Britain through Time (
Cornwall: Methodist New Connexion chapels registered by 1867
This work incorporates historical material provided by the Great Britain Historical GIS Project and the University of Portsmouth through their web site A Vision of Britain through Time (

This is a list of chapels that had been registered by 1867, derived from ‘A list of places of meeting for public religious worship, certified to the Registrar General’.   Remember that registration was not compulsory. As registration was valid until cancelled, however, there may be duplication: i.e.  both the old and new chapels in a place may be listed. We have also discovered that the official location may not be the same as the name by which the chapel is commonly described.

Cornwall contained the most registered Bible Christian chapels of any county, but Methodist sources suggest that there may have been as many as fifty further places of worship in existence in 1867. According to the Registrar General no chapels of any denomination had been registered in the Scilly Isles, whereas the Bible Christians had a Circuit there containing three places of worship. I have been unable to locate three chapels [Carwine Farm, Gremacombe Moor and Wadling] and a further three have had to be given an indicative position on the map {Callas, Kenner’s House and Bodmin Land]

The Wesleyan Methodist Association had taken root in Cornwall, as well. By 1867 the newly formed United Methodist Free Churches had chapels across the whole of the county. Only Yorkshire and Lancashire had more at this time.  A number, however, ceased to be used in the following decades, and I have been unable to locate four of those listed (Anvewer, Kesinney, Mabel Burrow and Pradnack).  There may have been a further eight in use at this time.

The Methodist New Connexion was present only in the far west of the county. Methodist sources suggest that a further five chapels also existed at the time, and in the same area.

Unless otherwise stated each of these places of worship is described as a chapel.

The numbers on the list relate to places, and match those on the map. The base map is provided under this licence

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ChapelNotesDenominationRegistration District
Alberston, Calstock1Bible ChristianTavistock
Belovely Rock2Bible ChristianSt. Austell
Bennient, Boyton, Siloam3Bible ChristianLaunceston
Blackcross, St. Columb Major4Bible ChristianSt. Columb
Bodmin Common in Luxulyan, Ebenezer5Bible ChristianBodmin
Bodmin Land, St. Ive, Zion6Bible ChristianLiskeard
Boscastle, Siloam7Bible ChristianCamelford
Boscaswell, St. Just8Bible ChristianPenzance
Boskynwen Down, Wendron, Bethel9Bible ChristianHelston
Bossiney, Tintagel10Bible ChristianCamelford
Boswinger, Gorran11Bible ChristianSt. Austell
Brane Moor, Sancreed12Bible ChristianPenzance
Bray’s Shop, Linkinhorne13Bible ChristianLiskeard
Brea, Camborne14Bible ChristianRedruth
Breage, Church Town15Bible ChristianHelston
Bugle, St. Austell16Bible ChristianSt. Austell
Burlawn-Egloss, St. BreockA building in the occupation of James Hewett Mason, dissenting minister17Bible ChristianSt. Columb
Buryan18Bible ChristianPenzance
Calendra, Veryan, Ebenezer19Bible ChristianTruro
Callas, Altarnum, Providence20Bible ChristianLaunceston
CallingtonA building21Bible ChristianLiskeard
Calstock22Bible ChristianTavistock
Camborne, Trelowarren Street23Bible ChristianRedruth
Camelford, Victoria Buildings, Bethel24Bible ChristianCamelford
Canworthy Water25Bible ChristianLaunceston
Carnworthy Water, WarbstowA buildingBible ChristianLaunceston
Carclaze, St. Austell26Bible ChristianSt. Austell
Carfury, Gulval27Bible ChristianPenzance
Carnkie Common, Wendron, Bethesda28Bible ChristianHelston
Carthew, St. Austell30Bible ChristianSt. Austell
Carthew, St. Austell, ProvidenceBible ChristianSt. Austell
Carwine Farm, Ebenezer31Bible ChristianCamelford
Cheriton Cross, St. Ive32Bible ChristianLiskeard
Chycowling Downs, Kea, Quenchwell33Bible ChristianTruro
Coldnorthcott, St. Cleather, Zoar34Bible ChristianCamelford
Colgiggan, Roche, Mount Pleasant35Bible ChristianSt. Austell
Common Moor, St. Cleer36Bible ChristianLiskeard
Coverack, St. KeverneA building37Bible ChristianHelston
Crowsa Downs, St. Keverne, Zoar38Bible ChristianHelston
Crumplehorn, Lansallos39Bible ChristianLiskeard
Dobwalls40Bible ChristianLiskeard
Down Gate, StokeclimslandA building41Bible ChristianLaunceston
Eastcott, MoorwinstowA building42Bible ChristianStratton
Eden Cross, Jacobstow43Bible ChristianStratton
Fat Work, Boscoppa Downs, St. Austell, Bethel44Bible ChristianSt. Austell
Fraddon, St. Enoder45Bible ChristianSt. Columb
Gerrans, Zion46Bible ChristianTruro
Gilly Wartha, St. Anthony, MeneageA building47Bible ChristianHelston
Goad’s Green, Treneglos, Bethel48Bible ChristianLaunceston
Goonhavern, Perranzabuloe49Bible ChristianTruro
Green BottomA building50Bible ChristianTruro
Gremacombe Moor, Ebenezer51Bible ChristianLaunceston
Grimscott, Launcells52Bible ChristianStratton
Gwavas, Sithney, Zion53Bible ChristianHelston
Halse Town, St. Ives54Bible ChristianPenzance
Harrowbarrow, Calstock55Bible ChristianTavistock
Helston, Meneage Street56Bible ChristianHelston
Herland Cross, BreageA building57Bible ChristianHelston
Herodsfoot Village, Zion58Bible ChristianLiskeard
Hicks Mill, Gwennap59Bible ChristianRedruth
High Gate, St. Keyne60Bible ChristianLiskeard
High Lanes, Phillack61Bible ChristianRedruth
Highway, TywardreathA building62Bible ChristianSt. Austell
Kenner’s House, South Petherwyn63Bible ChristianLaunceston
Kistle, St. Ewe[Kestle]64Bible ChristianSt. Austell
Lady Down’s Trewednack65Bible ChristianPenzance
Lanner, Gwennap66Bible ChristianRedruth
Launceston67Bible ChristianLaunceston
Lea, St. Neot68Bible ChristianLiskeard
Leeds Town, Crowan69Bible ChristianHelston
Leeds Town, CrowanA buildingBible ChristianHelston
Limehead70Bible ChristianCamelford
Liskeard, Barn Street71Bible ChristianLiskeard
Marazion, St. Hilary, Ebenezer72Bible ChristianPenzance
Marham Church73Bible ChristianStratton
Mawgan Cross, Mawgan-in-Pydar74Bible ChristianSt. Columb
Meads, Pondstock, Ebenezer75Bible ChristianStratton
Medrose[Delabole]76Bible ChristianCamelford
Medrose, St. Teath, ZionBible ChristianCamelford
MetherellA building77Bible ChristianLiskeard
Mevagissey78Bible ChristianSt. Austell
Middlewood, North Hill79Bible ChristianLaunceston
Morvah80Bible ChristianPenzance
Mount Pleasant, Ruan Minor, Ebenezer81Bible ChristianHelston
Nanstallon, Lanivet, Bethany82Bible ChristianBodmin
New Mills, Ladock, Ebenezer83Bible ChristianTruro
Newlyn East (Church Town)84Bible ChristianSt. Columb
Newquay,  St. Columb Minor85Bible ChristianSt. Columb
Parramoor, Pentrasoe Common, St. Ewe86Bible ChristianSt. Austell
Parramoor, St. EweBible ChristianSt. Austell
Pengover Green, Zion87Bible ChristianLiskeard
Penhallow, Perranzabuloe88Bible ChristianTruro
Penponds, Camborne89Bible ChristianRedruth
Pentewan, St. Austell90Bible ChristianSt. Austell
Penzance, Chapel Row, St. Clare Street91Bible ChristianPenzance
Perranwell92Bible ChristianFalmouth
Polmassick, St. Ewe93Bible ChristianSt. Austell
Ponjaravah, ConstantineA building94Bible ChristianFalmouth
Ponsangarth, St. KeverneA building in the occupation of Alexander Pengilly95Bible ChristianHelston
Porthallow, St. KeverneA building96Bible ChristianHelston
Porthleven97Bible ChristianHelston
Portloe, Veryan, Zion98Bible ChristianTruro
Redruth99Bible ChristianRedruth
Rosendian Common, St. Hilary[Roseudgean Common]100Bible ChristianPenzance
Sennen101Bible ChristianPenzance
St. Allen Lane102Bible ChristianTruro
St. Austell, Zion103Bible ChristianSt. Austell
St. Blazey Gate, Ebenezer104Bible ChristianSt. Austell
St. Cleer105Bible ChristianLiskeard
St. Columb106Bible ChristianSt. Columb
St. Columb Minor Church Town107Bible ChristianSt. Columb
St. Dennis[Ennis Caven]108Bible ChristianSt. Austell
St. Dennis[Carne Hill]109Bible ChristianSt. Austell
St. Erth VillageA building110Bible ChristianPenzance
St. Ives111Bible ChristianPenzance
St. Just112Bible ChristianPenzance
St. Luke’s, St. Neot113Bible ChristianLiskeard
St. Mawes, Zion114Bible ChristianTruro
St. Neot’s VillagePreaching Room115Bible ChristianLiskeard
St. Teath, Church Town116Bible ChristianCamelford
Summercourt, St. Enoder117Bible ChristianSt. Columb
Tolskiddy, St. Columb Major118Bible ChristianSt. Columb
Trebarvah, Constantine[Seworgan]119Bible ChristianFalmouth
Treecross, South Petherwyn120Bible ChristianLaunceston
Treganetha, St. Wenn121Bible ChristianSt. Columb
Tregidden, St. Martin in MeneageA building in the occupation of John Kemeys122Bible ChristianHelston
Tregoss, Roche123Bible ChristianSt. Austell
Trelights124Bible ChristianCamelford
Trelyon, St. Stephen’s125Bible ChristianSt. Austell
Trenant, St. Neot126Bible ChristianLiskeard
Tresayes in Roche[Tresaize]127Bible ChristianSt. Austell
Trespanett, St. Juliot128Bible ChristianCamelford
Trethewel, St. Just in Roseland, Salem129Bible ChristianTruro
Trethosa, St. Stephens130Bible ChristianSt. Austell
Trewarmett131Bible ChristianCamelford
Trewassa132Bible ChristianCamelford
Trewidland133Bible ChristianLiskeard
Treworgy, Ruanlanyhorne, Pisgah134Bible ChristianTruro
Treworld135Bible ChristianCamelford
Truro, Saint Clement Street136Bible ChristianTruro
Truscott, St. Stephen’s by Launceston137Bible ChristianLaunceston
TywardreathA building in the occupation of Joseph Barron138Bible ChristianSt. Austell
TywardreathBible ChristianSt. Austell
Wadling, Rehoboth139Bible ChristianLaunceston
Week Saint Mary, Bakeson140Bible ChristianStratton
Week Saint Mary, Zion141Bible ChristianStratton
Whitemoor, St. Dennis142Bible ChristianSt. Austell
Woodford, Bethesda144Bible ChristianStratton
Woodford, MoorwinstowA buildingBible ChristianStratton
Hayle, Phillack145Methodist New ConnexionRedruth
St. Ives, Fore Street146Methodist New ConnexionPenzance
Trewellard, St. Just in Penwith147Methodist New ConnexionPenzance
Truro, Castle Street, Ebenezer148Methodist New ConnexionTruro
Amble, St. Kew155United Methodist Free ChurchesBodmin
Amble, St. KewWesleyan Methodist AssociationBodmin
AnvewerAssociation chapel, owned by William Selwood156United Methodist Free ChurchesHelston
AshtownAssociation chapel157United Methodist Free ChurchesHelston
Bangors158United Methodist Free ChurchesStratton
Barepper159United Methodist Free ChurchesRedruth
BeripperAssociation chapel160United Methodist Free ChurchesHelston
Bodmin, Back Street161United Methodist Free ChurchesBodmin
BowgyhereAssociation chapel, owned by John Basset, Esquire162United Methodist Free ChurchesHelston
Boyton Town163United Methodist Free ChurchesLaunceston
Breage, Church TownAssociation chapel164United Methodist Free ChurchesHelston
Bude165United Methodist Free ChurchesStratton
Calstock Town, Mount Zion166Wesleyan Methodist AssociationLiskeard
Camborne, Albert Street167United Methodist Free ChurchesRedruth
Camelford, Market PlaceBuilding used as a chapel, the property of Richard Harris Burt168United Methodist Free ChurchesCamelford
Connor Downs, Gwithian169Wesleyan Methodist Association/Wesleyan Reform MovementRedruth
Crown TownAssociation chapel, owned by William Hendy170United Methodist Free ChurchesHelston
Cury Cross171United Methodist Free ChurchesHelston
Downhouse, Stokeclimsland172United Methodist Free ChurchesLaunceston
Duloe, Providence173United Methodist Free ChurchesLiskeard
Fletcher’s Bridge174United Methodist Free ChurchesBodmin
Fletcher’s Bridge, BodminA buildingWesleyan Methodist AssociationBodmin
Garras [Mawgan]Association chapel175United Methodist Free ChurchesHelston
Goldsithney, Parreanuthnoe176United Methodist Free ChurchesPenzance
HelstonWesleyan Association chapel177United Methodist Free ChurchesHelston
Highway, St. Kew178Wesleyan Methodist AssociationBodmin
Illogan Highway179United Methodist Free ChurchesRedruth
KesinneyBuilding used as a chapel, the property of William Lyne Henwood180United Methodist Free ChurchesCamelford
KuggarBuilding owned by John Randle181United Methodist Free ChurchesHelston
Lanlivery182United Methodist Free ChurchesBodmin
Launceston, New North Road183United Methodist Free ChurchesLaunceston
Liskeard, Green Bank Lane184United Methodist Free ChurchesLiskeard
Lizard VillageAssociation chapel185United Methodist Free ChurchesHelston
Lostwithiel, The Bank187United Methodist Free ChurchesBodmin
LostwithielWesleyan Methodist AssociationBodmin
Mabel Burrow, Estate Pennant, Ebenezer188Methodist Free ChurchesLiskeard
Marazion189United Methodist Free ChurchesPenzance
Marhamchurch190United Methodist Free ChurchesStratton
Mevagissey191Free MethodistsSt. Austell
Millpool192United Methodist Free ChurchesBodmin
Mount Charles, St. Austell193United Methodist Free ChurchesSt. Austell
Mousehole, Mount Zion194United Methodist Free ChurchesPenzance
Mullion Church Town195United Methodist Free ChurchesHelston
New Mill, Madron196United Methodist Free ChurchesPenzance
New Quay, St. Columb Minor197United Methodist Free ChurchesSt. Columb
North Country198United Methodist Free ChurchesRedruth
Paynter’s Lane End199United Methodist Free ChurchesRedruth
Pennywin Farm, St. Germans, Bethany200Free Wesleyan  MethodistSt. Germans
Penzance, Parade Street201United Methodist Free ChurchesPenzance
PradnackAssociation chapel202United Methodist Free ChurchesHelston
Redmore203United Methodist Free ChurchesBodmin
Redruth, Fore Street204United Methodist Free ChurchesRedruth
Rezare, Lezant205United Methodist Free ChurchesLaunceston
RinseyAssociation chapel206United Methodist Free ChurchesHelston
Roswick [Rosuick]Association chapel, owned by Samuel James207United Methodist Free ChurchesHelston
Ruan Minor, Church TownAssociation chapel, owned by W. Johns208United Methodist Free ChurchesHelston
Skinner’s Bottom, St. AgnesJas. Goldsworthy’s Chapel209United Methodist Free ChurchesTruro
Sladesbridge210United Methodist Free ChurchesBodmin
South Downes211United Methodist Free ChurchesRedruth
St. Austell, Eastern Hill212Wesleyan Methodist Free ChurchesSt. Austell
St. Austell, Kiln LaneUnited Methodist Free ChurchesSt. Austell
St. Blazey, Foundry StreetA building213United Methodist Free ChurchesSt. Austell
St. Keverne, Church Town214United Methodist Free ChurchesHelston
St. Keverne, Church Town, The CastleUnited Methodist Free ChurchesHelston
St. Mabyn215United Methodist Free ChurchesBodmin
St. Martin’s GreenAssociation chapel, owned by John Hill216United Methodist Free ChurchesHelston
St. Stephen’s, High Street217United Methodist Free ChurchesSt. Austell
St. Stephen’s Church TownA buildingFree MethodistsSt. Austell
Stratton218United Methodist Free ChurchesStratton
The Lizard, LandewednackAssociation chapel219United Methodist Free ChurchesHelston
Tideford, Salem220Free Wesleyan MethodistsSt. Germans
Tolskithy221United Methodist Free ChurchesRedruth
TregathenanAssociation chapel222United Methodist Free ChurchesHelston
TremailBuilding used as a chapel, the property of Digory Hayne223United Methodist Free ChurchesCamelford
Tremar Coombe, St. Cleer224Wesleyan ReformersLiskeard
Trescaw, Breage, Bethesda225United Methodist Free ChurchesHelston
TresprisonAssociation chapel, owned by Christopher Rouse226United Methodist Free ChurchesHelston
TrewalderBuilding, the property of William Slogatt227United Methodist Free ChurchesCamelford
TrewennachAssociation chapel228United Methodist Free ChurchesHelston
Truro, Kenwyn Street229United Methodist Free ChurchesTruro
Tuckingmill, Warbstowe230United Methodist Free ChurchesLaunceston
Wadebridge231United Methodist Free ChurchesBodmin
Week Green232United Methodist Free ChurchesStratton
Whitecross, CuryAssociation chapel233United Methodist Free ChurchesHelston

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