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There are a number of excellent websites containing information and pictures of chapels of the United Methodist connexion and its component parts.


As part of the Churches of Cornwall project on The History files, Jo Lewis is tracking down all the churches and chapels of Cornwall, both lost and still standing, with as much history as she can find.


Janice Cox has created the Shropshire’s non-conformist chapels website. This website displays photographs of the many and varied nonconformist chapels in Shropshire, together with historical notes.


There are a number of sites displaying pictures of Methodist buildings

British Methodist Buildings

The Oxford Centre for Methodism and Church History, a joint enterprise between the Methodist church and Oxford Brookes University has published two significant collections of photographs of Methodist buildings, together with community contributions.

The Churches of Britain and Ireland

This website contains photographs  of churches and chapels of all breeds; there is little or no additional information with each picture

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  • For even more churches it is worth looking at
    Modern Britain: introduction to the churches of the British Isles

    Another project aiming to provide a definitive list of Methodist chapels in Cornwall is “Mapping Methodism”

    It is also well worth browsing on Wikipedia. For a number of local government areas the Wikipedia entry contains a List of places of worship, and in some cases Former places of worship. The information may be basic, but there are always pictures of the buildings.

    By Philip Thornborow (02/09/2021)

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