Rev Samuel Pollard and Rev R.Heber Goldsworthy graves in SW China

Destroyed in the Cultural Revolution but rebuilt by order of the Chinese Government

Sam Pollard and Heber Goldsworthy graves
Guizhou Province SW China

Sam (age 23) set off for China with a friend from school, Frank Dymond, who was to to work closely with Sam for many years as a missionary, in January 1887.

The  original photo is on display in Lake Chapel, Shebbear.  The following information is printed beneath it.

The final resting place of two Bible Christian/Methodist Missionaries is at Stone Gateway, Guizhou Province, SW China.

The graves of Rev Sam Pollard (1864-1915) and Rev R. Heber Goldsworthy (1895-1938) were broken down during the Cultural Revolution, by the Red Guards, but, by Government Order dated July 1996, they have been rebuilt, and the site made a National Memorial – to be preserved for ever.  The graves were photographed 7.9.1995.  Sam’s grave is in the foreground.

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  • Hello,
    I think Heber Goldsworthy was a great great uncle. My mum has a copy of a Methodist magazine that details the tragedy of his murder. I also have family photos which I think feature Heber.

    By Victoria Williams (15/05/2021)
  • Hello Ann and Paul
    My mother was very excited when I shared this little piece of yours, with her.
    Paul , how wide has your search been for the family. My mother has heard only information regarding Heber via word of mouth. but the relationship with my grandmother hovers around cousin / great uncle. . and now I too need to look for a copy of this book. I realise there has been many years passed but are either of you able to help me.
    kind regards

    By Vicki Young (06/04/2021)
  • My grandmother (Alice Maude Goldsworthy) married name Johnson. Was one of Heber’s cousins.

    By Vicki Young (03/04/2021)
  • Hi Ann, I would be interested to know the name of the book you mention. I am the grandson of Rev Heber Goldsworthy and my late father, David Heber, collated a lot of information on his father. We have numerous black + white negatives of his time in China, and yes, he was killed by bandits who tried to rob the mission station.

    By Paul Goldsworthy (18/11/2015)
  • I have today acquired a copy of a book written by Rev R Heber Goldsworthy on the history of one of the BC causes in the Aberavon Circuit. It also appears from another source that he was murdered by bandits in China, which may be worth more exploration.

    By Ann Swindale (04/08/2015)

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