Yorkshire: West Riding

Methodist New Connexion and United Methodist Free Churches places of worship registered before 1867

Methodist New Connexion chapels in the north of the West Riding 1867
This work incorporates historical material provided by the Great Britain Historical GIS Project and the University of Portsmouth through their web site A Vision of Britain through Time (https://www.visionofbritain.org.uk/)
UMFC chapels in the north of the West Riding
This work incorporates historical material provided by the Great Britain Historical GIS Project and the University of Portsmouth through their web site A Vision of Britain through Time (https://www.visionofbritain.org.uk/)
Methodist New Connexion chapels in the south of the West Riding 1867
This work incorporates historical material provided by the Great Britain Historical GIS Project and the University of Portsmouth through their web site A Vision of Britain through Time (https://www.visionofbritain.org.uk/)
United Methodist Free Church places of worship in the south of the West Riding registered before 1867
This work incorporates historical material provided by the Great Britain Historical GIS Project and the University of Portsmouth through their web site A Vision of Britain through Time (https://www.visionofbritain.org.uk/)

This is a list of chapels that had been registered by 1867. Remember that registration was not compulsory: there were probably more chapels at this time. As registration was valid until cancelled, however, there may be duplication: i.e.  both the old and new chapels in a place may be listed, or a chapel might have been registered both before and after 1857, when the United Methodist Free Churches were founded.  We have also discovered that the official location may not be the same as the name by which the chapel is commonly described.

Unless otherwise stated each of these places of worship is described as a chapel.

The numbers on the list relate to places, and match those on the map. The base map is provided under this licence

Most of the Methodist New Connexion and United Methodist Free Church chapels were in the industrial south of the Riding. Both denominations had chapels in York. In Rotherham a Protestant Methodist chapel was still registered, which is highly unusual.

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ChapelNotesDenominationRegistration District
AcombUnited Methodist Free Churches1Great Ouseburn
AdwaltonMethodist New Connexion2Bradford
Ambler Thorn, NorthowramSchoolMethodist New Connexion3Halifax
Ambler Thorn, NorthowramChapelMethodist New ConnexionHalifax
Armley, Leeds, BethesdaMethodist New Connexion4Kirkstall
Armley, ProvidenceUnited Methodist Free Churches5Kirkstall
AttercliffeSchoolMethodist New Connexion6Sheffield
Attercliffe, Carlton RoadSchoolMethodist New Connexion7Sheffield
Barnsley, Blucher StreetUnited Methodist Free Churches8Barnsley
Barnsley, New StreetMethodist New Connexion9Barnsley
Batley, Wellington StreetWesleyan reform chapelUnited Methodist Free Churches10Dewsbury
Batley, Wellington StreetUnited Methodist Free ChurchesDewsbury
Batley, ZionMethodist New Connexion11Dewsbury
Berry BrowMethodist New Connexion12Huddersfield
BirdwellMethodist New Connexion13Barnsley
Birstall, Mount TaborFree Methodist14Dewsbury
Bishop MonktonMethodist New Connexion15Ripon
Bowling,  Old Bowling Lane, Muff FieldWesleyan Reform16Bradford
Bowling, Dudley HillSchoolUnited Methodist Free Churches17Bradford
Bowling, Dudley Hill, Wesley PlaceMethodist New Connexion18Bradford
Bradford, Bridge StreetAssociation chapelUnited Methodist Free Churches19Bradford
Bradford, Horton Lane, EbenezerMethodist New Connexion20Bradford
Bradford, Otley Road, Mount OlivesUnited Methodist Free Churches21Bradford
Bradford, Otley Road, Mount OlivesUnited Methodist Free ChurchesBradford
Bradford, Pickover Street, BethesdaWesleyan Reform22Bradford
Bradford, WestgateUnited Methodist Free Churches23Bradford
Bramley, Wesley PlaceUnited Methodist Free Churches24Bramley
Brighouse, BethelMethodist New Connexion25Halifax
Brightside, Andover StreetMethodist New Connexion26Sheffield
Burley Lawn, Burley RoadUnited Methodist Free Churches27Kirkstall
Castle GroveUnited Methodist Free Churches28Todmorden
Castleford, Powell Street, ProvidenceUnited Methodist Free Churches29Castleford
Castleford, Powell Street, ProvidenceWesleyan ReformersCastleford
Clayton WestMethodist New Connexion30Wortley
Crosland Moor, LockwoodWesleyan Reformers31Huddersfield
Cross Hills, Kildwick, EbenezerUnited Methodist Free Churches32Skipton
Darnall, AttercliffeWesleyan Reformers33Sheffield
Deighton in HuddersfieldMethodist New Connexion34Huddersfield
DelphPreaching RoomMethodist New Connexion35Saddleworth
Dewsbury, Salem[King Street]Methodist New Connexion36Dewsbury
Dewsbury, SalemMethodist New ConnexionDewsbury
East Ardsley, ZionUnited Methodist Free Churches37Wakefield
Ecclesall Bierlow, BroomhillMethodist New Connexion38Eccleshall Bierlow
Ecclesall Bierlow, Cherry Tree Hill, Union RoadCherry Tree Hill chapelUnited Methodist Free Churches39Eccleshall Bierlow
EccleshillUnited Methodist Free Churches40Bradford
Elland, Paradise Place, BethesdaMethodist New Connexion41Halifax
Elland, SouthgateWesleyan Reformers42Halifax
Emley, Upper Lane, BethelWesleyan Reformers43Wakefield
Far Fold, Armley, BethesdaMethodist New Connexion44Kirkstall
FarsleyUnited Methodist Free Churches45Bradford
Fishlake, ZionMethodist New Connexion46Thorne
Gildersome, Haley Hill, Mount ZionWesleyan Reform47Bramley
Gildersome, The BottomsSchool roomWesleyan Reform48Bramley
Goole, St. John’s StreetUnited Methodist Free Churches49Goole
Green Head, Chapel Town, Mount ZionWesleyan Reformers50Wortley
Greenmoor, Hunshelf, ProvidenceMethodist New Connexion51Wortley
Greenside, Dixon Lane Raod, WortleyUnited Methodist Free Churches52Kirkstall
GrindletonUnited Methodist Free Churches53Clitheroe
Halifax, Hanover StreetMethodist New Connexion54Halifax
Halifax, Lister LaneWesleyan Reformers55Halifax
Halifax, North Parade, SalemMethodist New Connexion56Halifax
Hanging Heaton, EbenezerMethodist New Connexion57Dewsbury
Harrogate, Victoria ParkUnited Methodist Free Churches58Knaresborough
Headingley, Willow Street, Kirkstall RoadA buildingWesleyan Reformers59Kirkstall
Hebden Bridge, Cross LanesUnited Methodist Free Churches60Todmorden
Heckmondwike, WestgateWesleyan reform chapelUnited Methodist Free Churches61Dewsbury
HighamUnited Methodist Free Churches62Barnsley
Hinchcliffe Mill, EbenezerWesleyan Reformers63Huddersfield
Holbeck, Crosland StreetUnited Methodist Free Churches64Holbeck
Holbeck, Meadow Lane, TabernacleUnited Methodist Free Churches65Holbeck
Holbeck, Sweet Street West, ProspectUnited Methodist Free Churches66Holbeck
HolmfirthWesleyan Free Church67Huddersfield
HonleyMethodist New Connexion68Huddersfield
Horbury, Hodge LaneUnited Methodist Free Churches69Wakefield
Horsforth WoodsideWesleyan Reformers70Wharfedale
Horsforth, EbenezerMethodist New Connexion71Wharfedale
Horsforth, ParksideWesleyan Reformers72Wharfedale
Horsforth, Willow GreenWesleyan Reformers73Wharfedale
Huddersfield, Brunswick  StreetFree Methodists74Huddersfield
Huddersfield, High  StreetSchoolroomMethodist New ConnexionHuddersfield
Huddersfield, High  StreetChapelMethodist New Connexion75Huddersfield
Huddersfield, Old StreetUnited Methodist Free Churches76Huddersfield
Hunslet CarrMethodist New Connexion77Hunslet
Hunslet, Dewsbury RoadMethodist New Connexion78Hunslet
Hunslet, Glasshouse StreetMethodist New Connexion79Hunslet
Hunslet, Society Street, Low RoadSunday SchoolMethodist New Connexion80Hunslet
Hunslet, Whitehouse StreetSunday SchoolMethodist New Connexion81Hunslet
Inchfield Bottom, WalsdenUnited Methodist Free Churches82Todmorden
Keighley, Sun StreetUnited Methodist Free Churches83Keighley
Kirkby MalzeardMethodist New Connexion84Ripon
Kirkstall, Cross Church Street, ZionUnited Methodist Free Churches85Kirkstall
Knottingley, Gaggs Yard, ProvidenceUnited Methodist Free Churches86Pontefract
Lee Nook, Jackson Bridge, Holmfirth, Mount TaborFree Wesleyans87Huddersfield
Leeds, Caroline Street, Park ChapelUnited Methodist Free Churches88Leeds
Leeds, Cross Stamford Street, Skinner LaneLeylands Sabbath SchoolsUnited Methodist Free Churches89Leeds
Leeds, East Street, bottom of Ellerby LaneUnited Methodist Free Churches90Leeds
Leeds, Ebenezer StreetMethodist New Connexion91Leeds
Leeds, Jerry Street, Wellington Street, BethesdaMethodist New Connexion92Leeds
Leeds, Lady LaneUnited Methodist Free Churches93Leeds
Leeds, Ventnor Street, Kirkstall LaneSabbath SchoolMethodist New Connexion94Leeds
Leeds, Woodhouse LaneMethodist New Connexion95Leeds
Leeds, Woodhouse Street, SalemMethodist New Connexion96Leeds
Leeds, Woodhouse, St. Mark’s Street, BethesdaUnited Methodist Free Churches97Leeds
Leeds, Zion StreetMethodist New Connexion98Leeds
Lindley, ZionMethodist New Connexion99Huddersfield
Lower Wortley, RehobothUnited Methodist Free Churches100Kirkstall
Luddenham, WarleyMethodist Free Church101Halifax
LumbuttsUnited Methodist Free Churches102Todmorden
Mapplewell, ProvidenceMethodist New Connexion103Barnsley
Mapplewell, Swallow Hill LaneUnited Methodist Free Churches104Barnsley
MarshPreaching RoomMethodist New Connexion105Huddersfield
MethleyWesl. Reform chapelUnited Methodist Free Churches106Castleford
Mickletown, Methley, ZionMethodist Free Church107Castleford
Midgeley, WakefieldMethodist New Connexion108Wakefield
Mirfield, Easthorpe LaneMethodist New Connexion109Dewsbury
Monkbretton, Town StreetUnited Methodist Free Churches110Barnsley
Moortown, near LeedsUnited Methodist Free Churches111Kirkstall
Netherfield HoylandWesleyan Reform chapelMethodist New Connexion112Barnsley
New Mexborough, Mount ZionWesleyan Reformers113Doncaster
New Wortley, Whitehall RoadThe New chapelUnited Methodist Free Churches114Kirkstall
Normanton Common, ProvidenceUnited Methodist Free Churches115Wakefield
Oaks Green, RastrickWesleyan Reformers116Halifax
OssettUnited Methodist Free Churches117Dewsbury
Otley, WestgateMethodist New Connexion118Otley
OultonUnited Methodist Free Churches119Wakefield
Ovenden, BethelMethodist New Connexion120Halifax
PaddockMethodist New Connexion121Huddersfield
Potter HillMethodist New Connexion122Wortley
Pudsey, No. 160 WaterlooA building belonging to Mr. Edw. BinksUnited Methodist Free Churches123Bradford
Pudsey, Town Street, Low TownAssociation chapelUnited Methodist Free Churches124Bradford
Rawmarsh Road, British SchoolReform Glory Band (Protestant Methodists)125Rotherham
Rodley, EbenezerUnited Methodist Free Churches126Bradford
Rotherham, Effingham Street, ZionWesleyan Reform127Rotherham
Sheffield, Bridgehouses, Pye BankUnited Methodist Free Churches128Sheffield
Sheffield, Gower Streeta buildingWesleyan Reformers129Sheffield
Sheffield, Scotland StreetMethodist New Connexion130Sheffield
Sheffield, Shrewsbury RoadUnited Methodist Free Churches131Sheffield
Sheffield, Talbot StreetMethodist New Connexion132Sheffield
Sheffield, Weston StreetWesleyan Reformers133Sheffield
Shelley BankMethodist New Connexion134Huddersfield
Shelley Far BankSunday SchoolMethodist New Connexion135Huddersfield
ShepleyMethodist New Connexion136Huddersfield
SkelmanthorpeWesleyan Reformers137Huddersfield
Southowram, Dark Lane HeadUnited Methodist Free Churches138Halifax
Sowerby Bridge, Tuel LaneWesleyan Reformers139Halifax
Stanningley, OlivetMethodist Free Church140Bradford
Swaine Green, ProvidenceUnited Methodist Free Churches141Bradford
The Levels, Hatfield, SalemMethodist New Connexion142Thorne
Thorne, BethesdaMethodist New Connexion143Thorne
Thorne’s GreecePreaching placeUnited Methodist Free Churches144Todmorden
Todmorden, Bridge StreetUnited Methodist Free Churches145Todmorden
Wadsley BridgeUnited Methodist Free Churches146Wortley
Wakefield, Lower York StreetUnited Methodist Free Churches147Wakefield
Wakefield, Market StreetUnited Methodist Free Churches148Wakefield
Wakefield, New Brunswick Street, BethelUnited Methodist Free Churches149Wakefield
Warburton in EmleySunday SchoolWesleyan Reformers150Wakefield
West BradfordUnited Methodist Free Churches151Clitheroe
West Vale, Greetland, Middle Dean StreetWesleyan Reformers152Halifax
Wollhouse, GolcarMethodist New Connexion153Huddersfield
Wood Royd, Honley, BethelMethodist New Connexion154Huddersfield
Woodhouse CarrUnited Methodist Free Churches155Leeds
Wormeley Hill, SykehouseA buildingMethodist New Connexion156Thorne
Worsbrough CommonUnited Methodist Free Churches157Barnsley
Yeadon, High StreetWesleyan Reformers158Wharfedale

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