United Methodist Ministers - Surnames N


NameDate &
Place Born
Date &
Place Died
Naylor, Hedley N.19151938
Naylor, John18911945
Naylor, Thomas18771943
Neal, Thomas S.18991941
Needham, Joseph18771935
Nelson, John18371869
Nelson, Robert J.18661878
Nettleton, Joseph18611877
New, Charles18601875
New, Joseph18561862
Newbery, Francis18131844
Newman, Arthur E.19201958
Newnham, William F.18941921
Newsam, William F.18741928
Newton, J. Ambrose19061957
Newton, John T.18991945
Newton, Samuel18521879
Newton, Thomas18421885
Nicholas, Albert Henry1886
Dinas Powis, Glamorgan
Nicholas, John18371865
Nicholas, Thomas18851941
Nicholls, Matthew18731876
Nicholson, George G.18781920
Nicholson, Samuel18401887
Nicholson, Samuel T.18671921
Nicholson, William T.19051955
Nicols, Tom J.1898
Nieh Wen Huan, B.A.19201941
Nield, James W.18791937
Nightingale, Thomas18911934
Ninnis, James18921929
Ninnis, John18751936
Nix, J. Leslie19291951
Noble, Robert18941960
Noon, John Arthur02-Jun-1899
Cotmanhay, Ilkeston
Poynton, Cheshire
Northon, W. Ernest19111913
Nott, Henry J.18591883
Nottle, George1897
Otterham, Cornwall


Based on ‘Ministers and Probationers of the Methodist Church’, revised to September 1st 1963 by J. Henry Martin and J. Bernard Sheldon. London: Methodist Publishing House, 1964

Additional information from  ‘Minutes and Yearbook of the Methodist Conference’  

For more information see  Beckerlegge, Oliver A.  United Methodist ministers and their circuits. London: Epworth Press, 1968

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