United Methodist Ministers - Surnames L


NameDate &
Place Born
Date &
Place Died
Labdon, Peter18571898
Lamb, Alfred C. M.A. B.D. 19261961
Lamb, Fred18671903
Lamb, John W.19331959
Lambrick, Samuel18401884
Lane, Samuel B.18781912
Lang, Edward18771925
Lang, William L.18581908
Langdale, Marmaduke18851950
Langdon, John18251887
Langford, Jabez18681901
Langley, George19021960
Langley, Joseph E.19041933
Lark, Ernest E.18921924
Lark, M. de Jersey18951960
Lark, William B.18591913
Latham, Joseph18651900
Laughton, George William05-Sep-1903
Law, Arthur06-Feb-1888 Rochdale191427-Dec-1976 Tiverton, Devon
Law, Joseph1904
Stacksteads, Bacup
Law, Thomas18771910
Lawis, John F.18751936
Lawson, Donald Walton G1906
South Carolina
Layland, Joseph J. H.18781929
Le Huray, James18591918
Lea, C. Boulton19011938
Lea, Charles F.18751921
Leach, Abraham18641930
Leaver, Isaac18931942
Lee, Arthur19041961
Lee, F. Rosier19141955
Lee, Herbert19021949
Lee, Thomas18671887
Lee, Thomas18801939
Lee, William18551915
Leicester, Walter18851935
Leigh, J. E.18921931
Leigh, William J.18751901
Leonard, Joseph E.19111963
Letcher, Thomas18771934
Lewis, Harry J.19161963
Lewis, John18641902
Lewis, R. Lloyd18851915
Li Fu Ch’en,19091937
Li Ngan Su,18961927
Li, John B.A. 19101951
Li, Stephen19061921
Liddicoat, William H.18621865
Lilley, William O.18621914
Lillington, Henry W.18501903
Limb, Charles W.19041961
Lineham, Joseph B.A. Ph.D. 18921952
Ling Kwong Da,19321951
Linley, Clement18501895
Lisle, John18341882
Lister, William D.18961950
Little, Richard H.18901942
Littler, Charles19171918
Livesey, Henry18801911
Livingstone, Joseph18111864
Lockett, Alfred C.19091949
Lockley, Walter H.18831934
Longbottom, William18561909
Longden, James18851925
Lord, Ernest Frederick1880
Lord, George18601910
Lowe, H. Gilbert19041959
Lowe, John W.19031931
Lowndes, George18631907
Luke, John18711916
Luke, Stanley22-Jul-1899
Truro, Cornwall
Tankerton, Kent
Luke, William18461896
Luxton, Percival William24-Jan-1891
Merton, Devon
Luxton, William18421844
Luxton, William H.18981916
Lynn, Andrew18261861
Lynn, Andrew jun. 18541873
Lyon, Robert18571886
Lyons, John18141865


Based on ‘Ministers and Probationers of the Methodist Church’, revised to September 1st 1963 by J. Henry Martin and J. Bernard Sheldon. London: Methodist Publishing House, 1964

Additional information from  ‘Minutes and Yearbook of the Methodist Conference’  

For more information see  Beckerlegge, Oliver A.  United Methodist ministers and their circuits. London: Epworth Press, 1968

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