United Methodist Ministers - Surnames G

United Methodist Ministers 

Surnames G

NameDate &
Place Born
Date &
Place Died
Gair, Robert W.18971938
Gale, Jacob18431884
Galpin, Frederick18671932
Gamble, William A.18651866
Gammon, John18371898
Gardner, Jane18381841
Garland, Thomas W.18401887
Garside, Joseph18441879
Garthwaite, Kaye18901949
Gaskell, John18781914
Gauge, Tom M.19091927
Gaunt, Henry18901942
Gay, Walter18761924
Genner, Enoch18811936
George, Alfred C.19011956
German, William E.19201951
Gerry, William18921937
Gibbon, John19041933
Gibbons, John18381851
Gibbs, R. Illingworth18991951
Gibbs, W. Lane18891934
Gibson, James18631933
Gibson, Samuel18631892
Gibson, Samuel M.B.E. 19161950
Gifford, Alfred D.19041950
Gilbert, Anthony18361885
Gilbert, William18461885
Gilbert, William E.18861946
Gilchrist, J. Wesley18361890
Gill, Anthony18591862
Gill, George18591861
Gillis, William18731921
Gilton, Parkinson T.18271880
Glazebrook, Benjamin18371885
Gledhill, Godfrey18671878
Godfrey, Donald Vincent1893
Carlton, Nottinghamshire
Goldsworthy, R. Heber19211938
Goodall, George18191861
Goodall, George R.18951931
Goodall, John F.18631885
Goodhand, J. Bevers18961953
Goodman, Charles H.18891939
Goodwin, Arthur George15-Jan-1885
Goodwin, James P.18661909
Goodyear, John19061941
Gordon, Samuel18931935
Gowland, William3-Oct-1911
Wilduck, Cleasby,
North Riding
Luton, Bedfordshire
Graham, John18461888
Graves, George18801929
Gray, Earl18791903
Gray, Richard18621884
Greaves, Peter W.18281853
Green, Edwin D.18471911
Green, Norman1887
Castleford, Yorkshire
Green, Reuben W.18921959
Green, Thomas18291878
Green, William S.19071942
Greenslade, Reginald R.19091949
Greensmith, Albert E.19001955
Greenwood, Charles18861936
Greenwood, Ormerod18661919
Gregory, George Edward1905
Gregory, William H.18741925
Griffith, William18281883
Griffith, William18591915
Griffiths, Charles18631914
Griffiths, Griffith18391870
Griffiths, John B.18941932
Griffiths, Thomas18361860
Griffiths, William18361862
Grist, W. Alexander18891943
Grose, Robert18571916
Grundy, George18391895
Guard, John18531880
Gubbin, John18691877
Gudridge, Edwin E.18591919
Gunstone, William D.18801935
Guttridge, Frederick W. H.18901949
Guttridge, Herbert H.18821885
Guttridge, John18381886
Guttridge, Thomas18491880


Based on ‘Ministers and Probationers of the Methodist Church’, revised to September 1st 1963 by J. Henry Martin and J. Bernard Sheldon. London: Methodist Publishing House, 1964

Additional information from  ‘Minutes and Yearbook of the Methodist Conference’  

For more information see  Beckerlegge, Oliver A.  United Methodist ministers and their circuits. London: Epworth Press, 1968

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