United Methodist Ministers - Surnames E


NameDate &
Place Born
Date &
Place Died
Earnshaw, Benjamin18151854
Eayrs, George Ph.D.18871926
Ebbott, Henry18411877
Eckett, Robert18381862
Edees, Isaac1876
Dronfield, Derbyshire
Eddon, William18591917
Eddon, William18921956
Edgar, James18321867
Edgcumbe, Robert18671908
Edkins, H. Langley18661870
Edmonds, Ernest W. B.18901893
Edmondson, William18621916
Edwards, Charles18361886
Edwards, David G.18621888
Edwards, Edward18691873
Edwards, John18311883
Edwards, John18821934
Edwards, Robert J.18791921
Edwards, Thomas18621897
Ellaby, John18641908
Ellery, Thomas18361877
Ellis, Alwyn J.18971949
Ellis, Francis J.18801935
Ellis, Henry18541896
Ellis, James18921943
Ellis, John G. W.18871896
Ellis, W. Francis18781923
Ellison, Cuthbert19041946
Elsom, Isaac18731929
Eltringham, Robert18531865
Elvidge, George H.18761895
Elwood, Daniel G.19041947
Embleton, William18571906
England, Charles T.18801933
England, Leonard19081944
English, J. George19041906
Ennor, William T.18781900
Entwisle, Thomas19051961
Eva, Samuel18821928
Evans, Alfred1879
Hong Kong
Evans, Charles18611914
Evans, William18761910
Everett, James18071872
Everitt, William F.18761888
Eves, Edward18971928
Exley, Robert I.18871891
Eynon, John H.18261888


Based on ‘Ministers and Probationers of the Methodist Church’, revised to September 1st 1963 by J. Henry Martin and J. Bernard Sheldon. London: Methodist Publishing House, 1964

Additional information from  ‘Minutes and Yearbook of the Methodist Conference’  

For more information see  Beckerlegge, Oliver A.  United Methodist ministers and their circuits. London: Epworth Press, 1968

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