United Methodist places of worship registered before 1867

Lancashire: Methodist New Connexion places of worship registered before 1867
This work incorporates historical material provided by the Great Britain Historical GIS Project and the University of Portsmouth through their web site A Vision of Britain through Time (
Lancashire: United Methodist Free Churches registered by 1867
This work incorporates historical material provided by the Great Britain Historical GIS Project and the University of Portsmouth through their web site A Vision of Britain through Time (

This is a list of chapels that had been registered by 1867. Remember that registration was not compulsory. There is evidence from Methodist sources of a further eight MNC and seventeen UMFC chapels at this time. As registration was valid until cancelled, however, there may be duplication: i.e.  both the old and new chapels in a place may be listed. This particularly affects the chapels of the Wesleyan Methodist Association and Wesleyan Reformers, which merged to become the United Methodist Free Churches. We have also discovered that the official location may not be the same as the name by which the chapel is commonly described.

Unless otherwise stated each of these places of worship is described as a chapel.

The numbers on the list relate to places, and match those on the map. The base map is provided under this licence

In 1867 the Bible Christians were present only in Ashton-under-Lyne, so their two chapels are not mapped. I would be grateful for any information about the Modern Methodists, who had three chapels near Rochdale. These also are not mapped.

The Methodist New Connexion chapels were concentrated in the south-east of the county, around Manchester and Ashton-inder-Lyne. The United Methodist Free Churches had a wider distribution, with a particular concentration around Rochdale.

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ChapelNotesDenominationRegistration District
Ashton-under-Lyne, Back Portland StreetA buildingBible Christians1Ashton-under-Lyne
Ashton-under-Lyne, Tatton StreetPreaching roomBible Christians2Ashton-under-Lyne
AinsworthMethodist New Connexion3Bury
Ashton-under-Lyne, Red HallMethodist New Connexion4Ashton-under-Lyne
Ashton-under-Lyne, Stamford StreetMethodist New Connexion5Ashton-under-Lyne
Blackley, Crab Lane HeadMethodist New Connexion6Manchester
Bolton, Lever StreetGreat BoltonMethodist New Connexion7Bolton
Bolton, Saint George’s StreetLittle BoltonMethodist New Connexion8Bolton
Bury, Bolton StreetA buildingMethodist New Connexion9Bury
Bury, Bolton StreetChapelMethodist New ConnexionBury
Eccles, Chapel Street, Zion’s TempleMethodist New Connexion10Barton-upon-Irwell
Edge Hill, Chatham PlaceMethodist New Connexion11West Derby
Hooley HillMethodist New Connexion12Ashton-under-Lyne
Hulme, Boston Street, EbenezerMethodist New Connexion13Chorlton
HurstMethodist New Connexion14Ashton-under-Lyne
Hurst BrookMethodist New Connexion15Ashton-under-Lyne
Hurst, Hope Chapel, Curzon RoadMethodist New Connexion16Ashton-under-Lyne
Lees, ZionMethodist New Connexion17Ashton-under-Lyne
Liverpool, Berington HillMethodist New ConnexionLiverpool
Liverpool, Bevington HillMethodist New Connexion18Liverpool
Manchester, Great Ducie Street, SalemMethodist New Connexion19Manchester
Newton Heath, Droylesden Road, CulchethMethodist New Connexion20Manchester
Oldham, Round ThornMethodist New Connexion21Oldham
OpenshawMethodist New Connexion22Chorlton
Pendleton, Broad Street, BethesdaMethodist New Connexion23Salford
PilkingtonMethodist New Connexion24Bury
Rochdale, Water StreetMethodist New Connexion25Rochdale
RyecroftSunday School and Preaching RoomMethodist New Connexion26Ashton-under-Lyne
Smithy Nook, Blatchinworth and Calderbrook, Mount GileadMethodist New Connexion27Rochdale
Toxteth Park, Park RoadMethodist New Connexion28West Derby
Watchcote, Failsworth, BethelMethodist New Connexion29Manchester
WaterlooSunday School and Preaching RoomMethodist New Connexion30Ashton-under-Lyne
Werneth, Oxford StreetMethodist New Connexion31Oldham
Polly Green, Turner’s HousesModern Methodists32Rochdale
Sleighty, near Wardle, Howarth’s HousesModern Methodists33Rochdale
Smallbridge, Dex StreetA buildingModern Methodists34Rochdale
Bacup, Burnley Road, WatersideWesleyan Mathodist AssociationUnited Methodist Free Churches35Haslingden
BagslateUnited Methodist Free Churches36Rochdale
Bank TopPreaching roomUnited Methodist Free Churches37Bury
BelfieldUnited Methodist Free Churches38Rochdale
Blackpool, Adelaide StreetWesleyan Methodist Free Church39Fylde
Blakey Moor, Barton Street, WesleyWesleyan Reform40Blackburn
Bolton, Albert PlaceLittle BoltonUnited Methodist Free Churches41Bolton
Bolton, Bowkersrow, Association chapelGreat BoltonUnited Methodist Free Churches42Bolton
BrimrodUnited Methodist Free Churches43Rochdale
Brindle, Gregson Lanein the occupation of Mr. Jn. HaslamUnited Methodist Free Churches44Chorley
Bury, The Brunswick chapelUnited Methodist Free Churches45Bury
Cheetham, York StreetUnited Methodist Free Churches46Manchester
Cheetham, York StreetUnited Methodist Free ChurchesManchester
CheetwoodUnited Methodist Free Churches47Manchester
Chorlton-upon-Medlock, Upper Medlock Street, GreenheysUnited Methodist Free Churches48Chorlton
Church Town, North MeolsUnited Methodist Free Churches49Ormskirk
Clitheroe, Moor LaneUnited Methodist Free Churches50Clitheroe
Cliviger, Cornholme, Mount ZionUnited Methodist Free Churches51Burnley
Collyhurst, Lamb LaneMethodist Free Church52Manchester
Crossons, North MeolsUnited Methodist Free Churches53Ormskirk
Croston, DessertUnited Methodist Free Churches54Chorley
Fulledge in Burnley, School of HopeUnited Methodist Free Churches55Burnley
Gorton, Short Street, Gore StreetMethodist Free Church SchoolUnited Methodist Free Churches56Chorlton
Green Hill, in CromptonUnited Methodist Free Churches57Rochdale
Habergham Eaves, Hammerton Street, Mount PleasantUnited Methodist Free Churches58Burnley
Habergham Eaves, Stoops, Mount PisgahUnited Methodist Free Churches59Burnley
Hamer PlaceChapel and school [Rochdale]United Methodist Free Churches60Rochdale
Haslingden, Regent Street, SalemUnited Methodist Free Churches61Haslingden
Heady Hill SchoolUnited Methodist Free Churches62Bury
Heap Bridge, Lord StreetUnited Methodist Free Churches63Bury
Heywood, BethelUnited Methodist Free Churches64Bury
HigginshawUnited Methodist Free Churches65Oldham
Hindley Green, BrunswickUnited Methodist Free Churches66Wigan
Hyde Road Schools, Ardwick, ManchesterUnited Methodist Free Churches67Chorlton
Irlams o’the HeightUnited Methodist Free Churches68Salford
Lancaster, Gill Street, Moriah[A Welsh speaking congregation of the Wesleyan Methodist Association]United Methodist Free Churches69Liverpool
LimefieldUnited Methodist Free Churches70Bury
LittleboroughUnited Methodist Free Churches71Rochdale
Liverpool, Burrough’s GardensUnited Methodist Free Churches72Liverpool
Liverpool, Cross StreetUnited Methodist Free Churches73Liverpool
Liverpool, Russell StreetUnited Methodist Free Churches74Liverpool
Liverpool, Russell StreetUnited Methodist Free ChurchesLiverpool
Liverpool, Scotland RoadUnited Methodist Free Churches75Liverpool
Liverpool, Scotland RoadUnited Methodist Free ChurchesLiverpool
Low Moor, near ClitheroeSchool roomUnited Methodist Free Churches76Clitheroe
Lower Crumpsall, James Street, EbenezerUnited Methodist Free Churches77Manchester
Lower PlaceUnited Methodist Free Churches78Rochdale
Lowerfold, In SpotlandChapel and schoolUnited Methodist Free Churches79Rochdale
Manchester, BradfordUnited Methodist Free Churches80Manchester
Manchester, Lever StreetWesleyan Methodist Association81Manchester
Manchester, Oldham RoadWesleyan Methodist Association82Manchester
Marple within HollinwoodUnited Methodist Free Churches83Oldham
Middleton, BethelUnited Methodist Free Churches84Oldham
Moorehouse, MilnrowUnited Methodist Free Churches85Rochdale
MostonUnited Methodist Free Churches86Manchester
Newchurch in Rossendale, Mount TaborUnited Methodist Free Churches87Haslingden
Oakhill, near Dunnockshaw, ProvidenceUnited Methodist Free Churches88Haslingden
Oldham, King StreetUnited Methodist Free Churches89Oldham
OpenshawA buildingUnited Methodist Free Churches90Chorlton
Openshaw, Tipton StreetCobden Memorial SchoolsUnited Methodist Free ChurchesChorlton
Patricroft, Canal Bank, EbenezerUnited Methodist Free Churches93Barton-upon-Irwell
Pendlebury, Happy LandUnited Methodist Free Churches94Barton-upon-Irwell
PotteryUnited Methodist Free Churches95Rochdale
Prescot, Victoria PlaceUnited Methodist Free Churches96Prescot
Preston, OrchardMethodist Free Church92Preston
Preston, Parker StreetA buildingUnited Methodist Free Churches97Preston
Ramsbottom, PatmosUnited Methodist Free Churches98Bury
Rawtenstall, Haslingden RoadUnited Methodist Free Churches99Haslingden
Rawtenstall, Lord StreetWesleyan Mathodist AssociationUnited Methodist Free Churches100Haslingden
Red LumbUnited Methodist Free Churches101Rochdale
Rochdale, Baillie StreetUnited Methodist Free Churches102Rochdale
Rochdale, Castlemere ChapelUnited Methodist Free Churches103Rochdale
Saint Helen’s, Church StreetUnited Methodist Free Churches104Prescot
Salford in Burnley, Band of Hope SchoolUnited Methodist Free Churches105Burnley
Salford, Liverpool StreetUnited Methodist Free Churches106Salford
Salford, St. Stephen’s StreetUnited Methodist Free Churches107Salford
Small Bridge, EbenezerUnited Methodist Free Churches108Rochdale
Southport, Lord StreetUnited Methodist Free Churches109Ormskirk
Spotland, Clay LaneChapel and schoolUnited Methodist Free Churches110Rochdale
Top of HebersA buildingUnited Methodist Free Churches111Oldham
Toxteth Park, Heath or Hyslop Street ChapelWesleyan Methodist Association112West Derby
Water GroveUnited Methodist Free Churches113Rochdale
Wavertree Road, Belle VueA buildingUnited Methodist Free Churches114West Derby
Westleigh, Zion, Plank LaneUnited Methodist Free Churches115Leigh
WhistonUnited Methodist Free Churches116Prescot
WhistonWesleyan Methodist AssociationPrescot
WhitworthUnited Methodist Free Churches117Rochdale
WintonUnited Methodist Free Churches118Barton-upon-Irwell
Withnell, Abbey VillageUnited Methodist Free Churches119Chorley
Withnell, Abbey VillageWesleyan Methodist AssociationChorley

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