Launceston Tower Street Bible Christian Methodist Church

This picture shows the original chapel on the right, 1851, and on the left is the next chapel built in 1897  and closed in 1974?

But where is it?

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  • The distinctive pattern of the window on the 1851 chapel confirms this as Launceston. The 1851 chapel still exists in residential use. The later chapel has been replaced by a block of flats.

    By Christopher HILL (07/12/2020)
  • By Bystander (14/06/2020)
  • I think the slope is headed the wrong direction….the corner where the church sits is the lowest point of the slope. I know of no previous church on the site that was replaced with the building in 1897, but perhaps there was?

    By Rev. Beth McDowell (21/07/2017)
  • Could this be Tower Street Methodist Church, Exmouth, Devon, which is on the internet as being built in 1897 and still in use I believe? There are similarities in the photographs and I know that the rear/side of the Exmouth Church is on a slope.

    By Mrs Jennifer Berry (24/06/2017)

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